Cloud Solution

RAGNIS IT Services Limited helps clients sort through the complex choices in the game-changing cloud computing market. With our services, clients integrate and manage the new IT landscape and redefine the path to high performance.

We help IT start-ups quickly transform ideas into successful products. We know the challenges you are facing, and we know how important time-to-market and industry expertise are when building the right application. The one that would captivate the imagination of millions of mobile users around the globe.

Powerful cloud platform that provides secure, reliable, and scalable on demand services for web hosting and applications.

Select the size and configuration for your cloud server(s)

Reduces costs, increases deployment speeds and provides better operational service than can be done in house.

Revolutionize the way your IT department works. Enable ground-breaking innovation through increased productivity, new development, and new breeds of online collaboration and productivity tools. You have the power to steer your company in new directions, unencumbered by old constraints. With cloud computing, a new world of computing power is within your reach.

Cloud Powers

Personalize To Your Liking - Role-based design and strong personalization features provide a tailored user experience and elevate User efficiency by increasing the productivity of your users with useful tools and features that give them more time to focus on their core competency.