Our Process & Methodology

Our methodology is based on many years of experience with software projects, industry recognized software engineering and project management best practices. This blueprint for successful software projects is customized to every project needs for improved efficiency within the project structure and minimum management overhead. Our approach to project execution is founded on the following principles.

(Open Communications) Technology projects are built and delivered by human activity. Open communications between project participants enables active customer and user involvement.

A free flow of information creates visibility within the project structure, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and wasted efforts. It enables each project member to contribute his own talents and perspectives, maximizing individual effectiveness, motivation, and work efficiencies.


Shared vision, Focus on delivering business value

A shared vision unites the project team behind a common goal. Understanding the shared vision and the value the project will bring to the customer, the reason the project exists and its success criteria, enables team members to focus on meeting the project goals and make contributions to adding business value not just technology.

Deliver value sooner

A solution does not provide business value until it is deployed in production environment and used effectively. Besides the efficiency of our solutions and project team productivity, we deliver solutions faster to the customer through iterative development. Whenever possible, we create versioned releases delivering the most critical functionality first and then adding remaining features, ensuring that business value is realized sooner, and the inherent risks are lower.


Results delivered within expected parameters

Quality is critical to project success. Quality is a result of people skills, good feature-cost-delivery trade-offs, and explicit processes that ensure quality is embedded in the solution from earliest stages. Each team member understands the quality standard, is quality-minded and delivers according to quality expectations. Through testing and reviews, the quality of each program unit and of the solution as a whole is verified. Customer involvement throughout the project lifecycle ensures that business requirements are satisfied and quality goals are met.


Adaptable solutions, customized process

Repeatable quality in software development requires an experienced project team and a disciplined, verified development process. In many cases the process adds overhead, increasing costs and extending timelines. Our extensive experience in software development enables us to customize our development process to specifics of every project, reducing costs and streamlining activities to the best extent possible. The result is an optimum project structure and minimum overhead. This adds more value, delivering quality results on time and within budget.